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Find Tealy 2

Mysteriez! 2

Can you handle more number mysteriez? Take up your trusty spyglass and continue your search in this exciting puzzle game! Chase camouflaged numbers through more exciting levels that will push your eagle eyes to the limit! The faster you uncover the numbers, the higher your score. But be careful where you click: clicking objects that aren't numbers will drain your time limit! Put on your sleuthing cap and enjoy Mysteriez! 2!

Mystery of the Old House

Solve the mystery of the old house!

Mystery of the Old House 2

The old house has a mystery...

Bewitched Doll - Horrible House

Find all the objects!

Family Relic - Lost Key

Find the lost key!

Lost Necklace - Ancient History

Discover a lost family necklace!

Ruined House: Atonement

Find all parts of the vase and restore the house's beauty!

Bewitched Doll - Near the House

Find a bewitched doll to avert disaster!

Treasure of Pirates

Get the treasure of pirates!